Ideas worth sharing. Here is where developers, architects, urban planners and construction firms can collaborate together to create new and exciting ideas and proposals.

The uses of Urbanex’s collaboration platform are as follows:

  • Allows for seamless interaction between any number of users
    • This will enable users to share and facilitate idea generation for the next big concept
  • Allows users to post and share their thoughts when it comes to potential concepts they have
    • Other users can then comment on the concept if they are interested…from there anything is possible
  • Developers can post new development ideas that have been approved by their jurisdiction but who still need an architect or construction firm to take on the responsibility for designing and/or constructing the project
    • Architects and developers from around the world can then ‘bid’ on these projects
      • Bid submissions are facilitated through the Urbanex platform

Here is an example of how the bidding process works.

A developer from London gets approval for the development of a new 55-storey skyscraper in Canary Wharf. The developer now wants to get a blueprint design of the approved skyscraper. The developer posts the description and plans for the approved project (such as height requirements, budget, size, building regulations etc.). An architect who uses can then bid on this contract. If they win the contract they secure their position as the lead architect who will provide the design for this said project. 


The proposed project can already have a blueprint design (as shown in the example above) or the project may just provide an outline of what the project is to consist of and will thus be up for an architect firm to submit their concept blueprint for the proposed project.


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